The Match Series Part I: A General Timeline

The Match, in this post is referring to the NRMP match, which is the match I participated in. This is the match that allopathic medical students participate in. Osteopathic medical students also have the option of participating in this match. In 2020 the DO and MD matches will merge, and there will be one giant match. 
January-March of 3rd year: Decide on a specialty and begin applying to away rotations. For more details on away rotations please see my blog post on that here. This is also the perfect time to begin working on your personal statement and putting together a CV. Many programs may ask for it if you are applying to away/audition rotations. It will also give you plenty of time to revise and distribute to your letter writers.

April – June of 3rd/4th year: Your school should send out your ERAS token. This is a good time to begin planning your 4th year schedule, as you should be hearing back from away programs. Consider if you would like to rotate home prior to going away, if you want to take step 2 early in the year prior to doing acting internship rotations, etc.  You should also be thinking about who you will ask for recommendation letters. If you still need recommendation letters from your specialty at this point, or were not able to rotate in your chosen specialty during 3rd year, consider scheduling your acting internships earlier in the year June/July/August in order to rotate, shine, and request a letter prior to 9/15.  Start finalizing your CV and personal statement at this point as well.

July-August of 4th year: Register with the NRMP! Collect recommendation letters, finish up your personal statement/CV. Get a professional headshot taken for ERAS! Take Step 2 CK/CS if applicable, do acting internships and away rotations. Begin shopping for interview suits, a carry on suitcase, shoes, etc.

September of 4th year: Begin entering your information into ERAS. Take Step 2 CK/CS if applicable. SUBMIT prior to or on 9/15.

October of 4th year: By this point MSPE’s or deans letters are downloaded, usually on or around 10/1, and interview offers should begin to trickle in. Again this varies some specialties interview early, some interview late.

February of 4th year: Interview season should be wrapping up. Take time to reflect and formulate a rank list, talk to those close to you who will also be affected (your partner) to develop a list. Submit your rank list!!

March of 4th year: MATCH/SOAP, relax and enjoy the rest of 4th year.



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